ADO.NET Tutorials For Beginners

ADO.NET Tutorials : ADO.NET is a components Access data from Microsoft .NET Framework. ADO.NET has a high ability to handle XML data format, designed by disconnected architecture, Very perfectly suited to build desktop applications as well as web base for its architecture because the ADO.NET not make the server will overload.

ADO.NET consists from the classes that are used for connections to a databases, providing access to relational data, XML, and application data and retrieve data from the query results. ADO.NET also contains classes that present Data Provider Connection, Command, DataReader, DataAdapter and other objects. The following figure shows how the ADO.NET in a communication between the web client base and DBMS.

A Recordset object is not used in ADO.NET, instead we will wear the object Table within the Dataset to access records that are returned from the SQL query. You can use the Object Table to present data to the users. This Table contains the record object (record) that can be directly used to bind a gridview or textbox. This table object contained in the Dataset.

You can learn about ADO.NET from this blog, here more tutorials has created by administrator's :


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