Laravel 5 Tutorial : Laravel 5 CRUD GENERATOR using CRUDBooster Package for Laravel 5.3

Laravel 5.3 Tutorial for beginners - How to create CRUD GENERATOR using CRUDBooster Package for Laravel 5.3? this lessons will show you how to build simple laravel application using CRUD Generator.

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Video Tutorial Laravel 5 CRUD GENERATOR

What's CRUD Booster?

CRUDBooster is not usual CRUD (read: Create, Read, Update, Delete) Generator Package. CRUDBooster use scafollding system to make sure you only focus at the Controller instead model and view.

All process like assignment, validation, database process are controlled by CRUDBooster instead create them manually.

You can see CRUDBooster on the offical website here

CRUDBooster System Requirements

  1. PHP >= 5.6.x
  2. Mcrypt PHP Extension
  3. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  4. Mbstring PHP Extension
  5. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  6. FileInfo PHP Extension
  7. Laravel Version 5.3.x
All system requirements must be met, if not, then the system may not run smoothly.

How to Install CRUDBooster?

Follow step by step this tutorial to install CRUDBooster, or you can wacth video above.

Installing Laravel Project

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel={version} crudbooster

Install CRUDBooster

composer require crocodicstudio/crudbooster=5.3.0.*

Add the following class provider dependency on config/app.php


and the Facedes

'PDF' => Barryvdh\DomPDF\Facade::class,
'Excel' => Maatwebsite\Excel\Facades\Excel::class,
'Image' => Intervention\Image\Facades\Image::class,
'CRUDBooster' => crocodicstudio\crudbooster\helpers\CRUDBooster::class,

Run the following command in the terminal, this function to publish the configuration file, useful if you will be certain to configure the plugin (Run the following function)

php artisan vendor:publish


php artisan vendor:publish --provider="crocodicstudio\crudbooster\CRUDBoosterServiceProvider" --force

Database Setup

Make sure you have created a database on your server, and create connection to our applications, in the .ENV file adding you connection

DB_DATABASE= youdatabase
DB_USERNAME= youruser
DB_PASSWORD= yourpassword


Run the following command in order to make major database system CRUDBooster

php artisan migrate --seed

If you've followed the steps above, should CRUDBooster can walk. How to find out is to test into the courtyard Backend.

By default backend CRUDBooster exist at the following URL:

username :
password : 123456

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