Lumen API Tutorial : Lumen 5.3 HTTP Routing Methods with Laravel 5.3 Components

Lumen API Tutorial for beginners : this lessons will show you How to use Lumen 5.3 HTTP Routing Methods with Laravel 5.3 Components, at the previews lessons, we have learn about installing Lumen 5.3 using composer, so please read :

How to Install Lumen 5.3 using Composer

Video Tutorial Lumen 5.3 HTTP Routing Methods

Basic Routing

You will define all of the routes for your application in the routes/web.php file. The most basic Lumen routes simply accept a URI and a Closure:

$app->get('foo', function () {
    return 'Hello World';

$app->post('foo', function () {

Available Router Methods

The router allows you to register routes that respond to any HTTP verb :
$app->get($uri, $callback);
$app->post($uri, $callback);
$app->put($uri, $callback);
$app->patch($uri, $callback);
$app->delete($uri, $callback);
$app->options($uri, $callback);

Route Parameters

Required Parameters

Of course, sometimes you will need to capture segments of the URI within your route. For example, you may need to capture a user's ID from the URL. You may do so by defining route parameters:

$app->get('user/{id}', function ($id) {
    return 'User '.$id;

You may define as many route parameters as required by your route:

$app->get('posts/{post}/comments/{comment}', function ($postId, $commentId) {

Route Groups

Route groups allow you to share route attributes, such as middleware or namespaces, across a large number of routes without needing to define those attributes on each individual route. Shared attributes are specified in an array format as the first parameter to the $app->group method.

To learn more about route groups, we'll walk through several common use-cases for the feature.


To assign middleware to all routes within a group, you may use the middleware key in the group attribute array. Middleware will be executed in the order you define this array:

$app->group(['middleware' => 'auth'], function () use ($app) {
    $app->get('/', function ()    {
        // Uses Auth Middleware

    $app->get('user/profile', function () {
        // Uses Auth Middleware

For more detail about Routing in Lumen 5.3 go to Lumen documents

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